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Oliver's 9CSI website

the list below will tell you the meanings and what it provides for the computer

ISP,the Internet Service Provider Internet hosting services provide email web-hosting or online storage services Other services include virtual server cloud services or physical server operation

HTML, HTML documents imply a structure of nested HTML elements These are indicated in the document by HTML tags enclosed in angle brackets thus: < p > In the simple, general case, the extent of an element is indicated by a pair of tags: a "start tag" < p > and "end tag" < /p >.

Index, Index is the home page or the main source/what its all about of the website or book

Modem, The modum is what gives you access to the internet or websites

Webpage, The webpage is the page of the website that your on were you would find the infomation

URL, Uniform Resource Locator wich finds what you pacificly searched in the webbrowser You are the HTML Fixer